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European Transparency Standards

In accordance with guidelines from The Covered Bonds Investor Council (CBIC) The Norwegian Covered Bond Council has elaborated a Norwegian template for transparency standards.

The aim of this template is to increase transparency and facilitate investors’ access to various data from individual issuers. Norwegian covered bond issuers are invited to publish their cover pool data in accordance with the template.

About the Norwegian Transparency Template

As for the first sheet, General Issuer Data, the Norwegian Covered Bond Council has chosen just to refer to the quarterly and annual reports that the issuers are bound to publish in accordance with securities markets regulations.

The second spread sheet, Cover Pool Data, contains specifications of Norwegian covered bond regulation and market practice. The issuers that choose to publish their cover pool data, presumably on their individual websites, are supposed to do so in accordance with these specifications and with reference to this format.

The third spread sheet, Key Concept’s Explanations, contains a number of footnotes to the second sheet, and the two should be seen in close connection with each other. The footnotes spell out details of Norwegian regulations and market practice. Single issuers may opt to publish supplementary information with reference to this, or they may just refer to the template published hereby, on our website.

The fourth spread sheet, Additional Comments, is reserved for ratings information and any other comments that single issuers may want to communicate to the market.