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Finance Norway's publications

Some of the publications from Finance Norway are available in English. You will find the latest yearly review of the Norwegian financial industry.

April 2014: Position paper

Imminent inclusion of the ESA regulations in the EEA-agreement is critical

Published: 07. April 2014  

The Nordic financial markets are highly integrated, founded on being part of the EU internal market for financial services. It is important for the Norwegian financial industry - and it is important for the European financial services industry in general. – As long as there is indecision about how key parts of the internal market infrastructure is to be included in the EEA Agreement, there is uncertainty in the markets. Legal uncertainty is particularly unfortunate in financial markets, as they are funded on contractual legal rights, says Ellen Bramness Arvidsson in Finans Norway.

The economic situation in Norway

Published: 25. June 2012  

The Norwegian Financial Industry 2013

Topical articles and statistics from the banking and insurance industry in Norway. Published yearly.